About Me

Hi there!  My name is Edgar Ortiz.  I am a new graduate from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Concentration on Early Childhood/6th grade, and Special Education.  I am also bilingual in Spanish, and intend to pursue certification in this area as well.  My Certifications will include Pedagogy(Score-260), EC-6 Generalist and Special Education(in progress).

I am a full-time employee with the Fort Worth Independent School District.  I have been working for three years as a Teacher Assistant in a Special Education Setting – Living In Natural Communities (LINC).  This experience has helped me recognize the educational concerns regarding working with Special Education students.  However, I am grateful for the HQ-ED Transition to Teaching Grant Program, for allowing opportunities to put into practice what I have learned in my program.

My older brother who resides with me, was diagnosed in the 60s with Mental Retardation, but after some coursework, and certain work experiences, I learned that Autism is often found with people who suffer from Mental Retardation, or as it is now referred to, Intellectually Delayed Disorder.  I have been his caretaker since 1999, and though experience had taught me a great deal of “what to do,” in certain instances, my studies also offered me some new insights and strategies.   I have had the opportunity to observe him a little closer, and to notice some changes with him.  I am very blessed to have him be a part of my family since he is very “high functioning” considering his condition.  He attends a Service Center in Fort Worth, and enjoys going on car rides, coffee and music.

My brother and I were both born music lovers.  We grew up in Puerto Rico listening to Caribbean tunes, in addition to American popular music.  I play conga drums, timbales, and bongo and a number of other latin minor percussion instruments.  Personally, it is a form of relaxation and releasing stress.  What I learned also was that Arnold was not afraid to try drumming as well, and though he is not the next Tito Puente, he can indeed carry a pretty steady beat.  I have since included him in my “therapy sessions” and we have a blast every time we “jam” together.